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With tracks "written, arranged, and produced" by the prolific Maurice Fulton, Syclops is presented as a group -- featuring, in various capacities, Sven Kortehisto, Hanna Sarkari, Jukka Kantonen, and Severi Pyysalo, all of whom could be fabricated by their producer -- that debuted in 2001 with a 12" single ("The Abdoer") on Fulton's BubbleTease label and then resurfaced with a pair of additional singles for Tirk ("Mom, the Video Broke," "The Fly") prior to issuing a 2008 album (I've Got My Eye on You) for DFA. As with much of Fulton's output, Syclops could be loosely termed as left-field house; many of the tracks are built on bruising drums and searing synthesizer lines with playful arrangements that chew up and spit out 30 years of dance music -- slick space-age funk, disco, electro, house, techno. ~ Andy Kellman

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