About Swarmz

Swarmz makes an energetic brand of melodic tunes at the intersection of Afrobashment, Afro-swing, and UK hip-hop. Born Brandon Scott in 1997, Swarmz's first love was soccer. However, with the sounds of Bob Marley and Alison Hinds echoing his South East London household, an enthusiasm for music would eventually match his affinity for scoring goals. By 2017, he was uploading UK drill tracks online under the name Swarmzy-B, a moniker he acquired from friends as a child. In 2018, his music career gained momentum when he released “Lyca,” a playful, melodic ditty that promptly went viral; that same year, he also signed a professional soccer contract. After he heard his song playing on a popular UK radio station, it became an easy decision for him to choose rap over sport. Since then, infectious slaps like “Payslips” have solidified his status as an Afro-swing pioneer.

    Greenwich, London, England
  • BORN

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