Suzanne Ciani
Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani

About Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani, aka "The Diva of the Diode," was among the first women to establish a pioneering reputation in electronic music, thank to her mastery of the Buchla synthesizers, famous for their alien-sounding bleeps, grunts, pings, oscillating drones, twangs, sonic washes, and watery burbles. In addition to her own recordings, her work has been used voluminously in television, commercials ("Coke Adds Life"), films (the original Stepford Wives), and early video games (Liberator). In her five-decade-plus career, Ciani's recording catalogue ranges from sound library work, soundtracks, and new age and ambient recordings to experimental, industrial, and beat-driven dates. She has performed at festivals and conferences, and on TV and radio, and has influenced generations of musicians including Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, with whom she collaborated on 2016's Frkwys, Vol. 13: Sunergy.

  • BORN
    June 4, 1946

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