Susanne Sundfør
Susanne Sundfør

Susanne Sundfør

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Coming on to the international scene like a rich, delicate mix of Stina Nordenstam, Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, and Radiohead, Norwegian singer/songwriter Susanne Sundfør rose to fame in her homeland beginning in 2005 with her debut single, "Walls," which would climb to number three on the Norwegian singles chart. It was the same position her debut self-titled album would climb to on the album charts when in was released in 2007. The Brothel arrived in 2009. followed in 2011 by the all-instrumental A Night at Salle Pleyel. In 2012 she released the single "White Foxes" along with the album The Silicone Veil. ~ David Jeffries

    Haugesund, Norway
  • BORN
    March 19, 1986

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