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Indie rockers Sunset Sons are a quartet of British and Australian surfers based in the French coastal city of Hossegor. Drawn to the legendary surf locale for its waves and laid-back culture, the four musicians came together at a local hangout called Le Surfing which was owned by the cousin of bassist Pete Harper. One night in 2013 after working a shift at Le Surfing, singer/pianist Rory Williams drunkenly pounded out a set of cover songs on the bar piano while future drummer Jed Laidlaw watched in fascination. The two met and decided to form a band to play the city's nightclub scene. After recruiting Harper and guitarist Robin Windram, Sunset Sons were born. Surfing by day, gigging by night, they built up a regional fan base slowly turning their covers set into an originals set. Recorded in just four days, their aptly titled Le Surfing EP made a strong showing on the iTunes rock chart in early 2014 and prompted immediate interest among several labels. With their gritty yet laid-back sound they fall somewhere between the pop-Americana of Tom Petty, the rock heft of Kings of Leon, and the beachy alt-rock of Red Hot Chili Peppers. After signing with Vagrant Records, they released their second EP later that year, which was packaged together with Le Surfing under the new title No Bad Days. The release went straight to number one on the iTunes Rock Chart. The group found more success the following year, earning a nomination for the BBC Sound of 2015 alongside more sold-out shows, and positive live reviews.

They went on to release their third EP, The Fall Line in March 2015, once again reaching the top spot on the iTunes Rock Chart, and receiving further acclaim from critics. Later that month, the band flew to Nashville to begin work on their debut full-length release, with producer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon). Sunset Sons went on to release their fourth EP, She Wants, in July 2015 while they focused on extensive recording sessions for the album. During the tail-end of 2015, the band set out on an international tour in support of Imagine Dragons, gaining more exposure around the globe. Their full-length record, entitled Very Rarely Say Die, was released in April 2016 to rapturous reviews. Two of the band's songs went on to feature in the video game, Guitar Hero Live. ~ Timothy Monger & Rob Wacey

Hossegor, France

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