About Sunscreem

One of the first rave-pop groups with live-performance abilities as well, Sunscreem formed around Paul Carnell and Lucia Holm (both on keyboards and vocals) with a handful of contributors including guitarists Darren Woodford and Wayne Simms, bassist Rob Fricker, drummer Sean Wright and Baz the DJ. Holm was a session cellist — with credits including Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town" — when she met Carnell at a warehouse rave in Essex and agreed to form a band. Early singles "Walk On" and "Pressure" became moderate British hits and dancefloor favorites, while 1993's "Love U More" became their trademark song (and biggest hit). The debut Sunscreem album O3 was released in 1993, earning American release through Columbia. The "Perfect Motion" single also became a hit, but the group had disappeared from the charts by the mid-'90s. Their second album Change or Die was finally released in 1996, while the retrospective Looking at You: Club Anthems appeared in 1998.

    Essex, England

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