Sumerian Fleet

About Sumerian Fleet

Dutch group Sumerian Fleet was formed in 2010 by producers Alden Tyrell and Mr. Pauli, along with vocalist Zarkoff. The band drew deeply on the influence of '80s goth ghouls for their sound, crafting dark electronic pop in line with the most danceable tracks from Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and Front 242. Their self-titled debut EP was released in 2010, and the Sturm Bricht Los EP materialized two years later in the form of an extremely limited 12" single. The band worked tirelessly for the next two years writing and recording tracks for their debut full-length Just Pressure. The album was released in 2014, driven by sinister gothic/darkwave influences and crafted using vintage synthesizers and drum machines to get even closer to the original sounds of classic '80s club goth. ~ Fred Thomas

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

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