Streaking in Tongues - Top Songs

Give Me Some Love or Give Me Some Drugs
Now I See (It's a Wonderful Thing to Know Ya!)
A Blessing I Can't Earn
Bombs and Guns and Paper and Glue
Farewell OCD (You Pesky Bastard)
Bigfoot and Jim Harrison Skinny Dip in Morgan Pond on Father's Day
Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait for Me
We're Still Gonna Be All Right
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Bigfoot
I'm Gonna Love the Hell out of You
Inside out and on My Ass
Screw Up
My Single Wife
Irrational Blues
Nothing Quite Like It in the World
Bigfoot's Heart
A Pig's Orgasm Lasts 30 Minutes
Bigfoot Takes His Wife to Mount Rushmore for Their Honeymoon
Bigfoot Gives Thanks
Bigfoot Tries to Fix His Daughter's Broken Heart
Butterflies Taste with Their Feet
Sunlight of a Thousand Babes
Rock n Roll Will Never Love You Like I Do
Death and All the Things We Love
Bigfoot Meets a Homeless Man on Presque Isle
Elephants Are the Only Animals That Cannot Jump Or, An Elephant Leap of Faith
Fear of Limbo
Damn Machine
Baby Bird
Knocky-Boo (Daddy Died)
Monster Meat
There's a Reason You're Alone
Lady Bigfoot Kept Him in Her Cave
Catfish Have 27,000 Taste Buds
Ode to Kurt's Ashes in McLane Creek
Our Love (Couldn't Outrun a Train)
Starfish Have No Brains
Slow Dancing with Bigfoot in Greenwich
Kindergarten Prayer #3
Wasn't Listening
Born to Bruise
The Plug
Devil in My Ear
God's Greatest Joke
Kindergarten Prayer #1
Your Arms