About Stolas

Prog-minded post-hardcore band Stolas formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011. The band name was an anagram taken from the phrase "Sail The Ocean, Live At Sea." Their original lineup consisted of ex-Akashic Record members Carlo Marquez on drums and Jason Weiche on guitar and vocals, along with bassist R.J. Reynolds and guitarist Sergio Medina, both formerly of Elessar. The quartet recorded its earliest material in the form of debut EP Losing Wings, which was self-released by the band in 2012. Soon thereafter, the band signed with Blue Swan Records and released its debut full-length, Living Creatures, Decoy Music, with the label in 2013. Second album Allomaternal materialized in late 2014, and the group toured tirelessly. In 2015, Weiche left Stolas and they continued on without him as a three-piece, working on material for a new album. Stolas signed to Equal Vision Records in late 2016 and the label released their self-titled third album in March of the next year. Bassist Reynolds quit the band shortly after that record's release, leaving behind only two of the founding members. ~ Fred Thomas

    Las Vegas, NV

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