About Stiffed

Hailing from Philadelphia, Stiffed mixes a stylishly cool mix of no wave and new wave. The honeyed vocal scratch of Santi White has fronted this fabulous four-piece since 2001, however the name Stiffed has been a permanent word in her vocabulary since her early 20s. Figuratively, White feels stiffed when it comes to bad relationships, lackluster jobs, and the lack of booty in her life. Having a band was her way in spoofing on those typical issues. Joining her is drummer Chuck Treece and ex-Lottery members bassist Chris Shar and guitarist Matt Schleck. Stiffed plug influential bits from the Clash, Blondie, the Pretenders, and Bad Brains into their debut EP Sex Sells, which appeared on Cool Hunter in early 2002. Aside from her own projects, White is best known for producing and writing songs for RES's 2001 debut for MCA, How I Do. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

    Philadelphia, PA

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