Stephane Legar
Stephane Legar

Stephane Legar

About Stephane Legar

Togolese Isreasli singer, rapper, dancer, and social media influencer Stéphane Legar has built an international audience with his viral dance challenges and infectious party jams.

• Legar was born in Israel to Togolese diplomats. He grew up speaking French, but he’s also fluent in Togolese, Hebrew, English, and Spanish.
• He adopted the stage name Legar as a play on the French “le garcon,” implying that he’s “the boy.”
• In 2016, Legar broke through with “Step Fun,” a 90-second video designed to spawn a viral dance challenge. It quickly did just that.
• His 2018 hit “Comme Ci Comme ça,” has racked up more than 44 million video views as of 2021.
• Legar’s club-ready 2020 single “Vida Loca” has achieved nearly 20 million streams across platforms.
• A prolific collaborator, Legar has worked with Israseli stars like Eden Ben Zaken, Static and Ben-El, and Noa Kirel.

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