Stefanie Hertel
Stefanie Hertel

Stefanie Hertel

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With more than a dozen albums under her belt, including 1992's Über Jedes Bacherl Geht a Brückerl, 1993's Tausend Kleine Himmel, and 1997's Lieder zum Verlieben, the latter (and ninth overall) coming out on her 18th birthday, Stefanie Hertel is one of Germany's more famous singers of "schlager," or pop music. Daughter of folksinger Eberhard Hertel, Stefanie made her on-stage debut at age four, releasing her first album, So a Stückerl Heile Welt, in 1991. Married to trumpeter Stefan Mross, she released her 16th full-length, Liebe Hat Tausend Gesichter, in 2006. ~ Marisa Brown

    Oelsnitz, Germany
  • BORN
    July 25, 1979

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