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About Soutaiseiriron

Japanese pop-rock band Soutaiseiriron is known equally for their use of lyrical wordplay and for projecting an air of secrecy with the media. ∙ Their debut EP, 2008’s Chiffon Shugi, was the Grand Prize winner of the first-ever CD Shop Awards, an honor that highlights top recommendations from record shop clerks around Japan. ∙ Beginning with 2009’s Hi-Fi Shinsho, all of their studio releases have peaked in the Top 10 of Japan’s Oricon Albums Chart. ∙ The Japan Times named “Miss Parallel Universe,” from 2010’s Synchroniciteen, one of the decade’s most influential songs. ∙ In 2017, lead vocalist Etsuko Yakushimaru won the European Commission’s prestigious STARTS Prize for Artistic Exploration after translating her solo track “I’m Humanity” into a DNA sequence. ∙ Yakushimaru performed the theme songs for several anime series, including the award-winning anime The Tatami Galaxy.

September 2006