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A New York-based dream pop outfit known for its abstract pastiche of styles and high-concept themes, Sound of Ceres emerged in the mid-2010s following the dissolution of its members' previous band, Candy Claws. Led by creative and marital partners K and Ryan Hover, the project debuted with 2016's expansive Nostalgia for Infinity which pulled from a variety of unusual sources ranging from classic bossa nova to the work of Marcel Proust. Their 2017 follow-up, The Twin, was similarly eclectic with its science fiction themes and psychedelic sound. Returning five years later, Sound of Ceres produced their most ambitious work yet in 2022's Emerald Sea, featuring performance artist Marina Abramović and inspired by the works of Ravel, Holst, and mid-century exotica.

Fort Collins, CO, United States of America