About SOUL'd OUT

Soul'd Out -- comprised of lead MC Diggy Mo, beatboxer and second-string MC Bro Hi, and producer/DJ Shinnosuke -- released their first album, a self-made limited-edition effort, in late 2002. The group uses a fairly pop-friendly approach to hip-hop, sporadically taking elements from the group members' respective influences to add touches of surprise to otherwise fairly formulaic party hip-hop. To the mix, Diggy Mo adds a few elements of his classical training (prior to mainstream success), Bro Hi adds small touches of beatboxing (he turned to hip-hop after being amazed at a Roots concert during Rahzel's prime), and Shinnosuke adds a strong pop-conscious R&B sensitivity, drawing from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as major influences. Touring with the Heartsdales, the band continued building a following, leading to a major-label single in 2003, which achieved decent sales and made the Oricon Top 20. Soul'd Out hit the Top Ten with a second single, leading to a quick release for their self-titled debut album. They toured heavily in 2004, opening for Mary J. Blige on the Japanese leg of her tour, and building hype for the 2005 release of their sophomore album, To All tha Dreamers, which made its way to the number two slot on the Oricon charts. A third album followed in 2006, itself followed by a series of compilations and remixes. Another full-length album, Attitude, was released in 2008 and climbed the Oricon charts, holding chart placement for the majority of the year -- additional related compilations were issued in 2008 as well. ~ Adam Greenberg

    Tokyo, Japan
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