Sonoko Inoue
Sonoko Inoue

Sonoko Inoue

About Sonoko Inoue

Sonoko Inoue is a singer-songwriter and actress who has had five Top 40 singles in Japan.

∙ Inspired by her mother, a professional vocal coach, Inoue began playing guitar and writing songs at age 12.
∙ After making a name for herself as a street performer, she released her first album, the acclaimed 線香花火, in 2014.
∙ “Natsukoi”—which was used as the closing theme of the TV drama Koe Koi—was her first single to make the Japanese Top 20, peaking at No. 17 on the Oricon Singles chart in 2016.
∙ Inoue sang guest vocals on “Face,” a standout track from Ai Kawashima’s 2019 album, Ai ×.
Shiroto Iroiro, her third album, reached No. 19 on the Oricon Albums chart in 2019.