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Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche

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Pairing a warm, intimate voice with a talent for writing sunny but melancholic tunes, Sondre Lerche is influenced by '60s American pop, '80s U.K. alternative, and Brazilian music. His 2001 debut, Faces Down, demonstrated an experimental bent that would regularly surface afterward. From straightforward indie (2004's Two Way Monologue) to gentle jazz-pop (2006's Duper Sessions) and short, spiky new wave-influenced rock (2007's Phantom Punch), his ear for melody and way with smart, heartfelt lyrics remain constant. His talents stretch to soundtrack work (2007's Dan in Real Life), appearing as a coach on The Voice Norway (2012-2015), and to a string of records -- Please (2014), Pleasure (2017), and Patience (2020) -- that took on matters of the heart with art pop, exuberant synthesizer pop, and subtler ambient influences, respectively. His restless artistic spirit withstood the perils of the global pandemic; ironically, he recorded his most collaborative album, 2022's Avatars of Love, during that period of isolation.

    Bergen, Norway
  • BORN
    September 5, 1982

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