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Originally the post-rock project of composer/keyboardist/vocalist Ryan Lott, Son Lux grew over the course of the 2010s to include guitarist/composer Rafiq Bhatia and experimental drummer Ian Chang. Combining live instruments with computer-manipulated acoustic performances, samples, and Lott's strained vocal delivery, Son Lux's bold, dystopic sound often correlates with anxious lyrics about a fearful future. These seeds were planted on the off-kilter debut album At War with Walls & Mazes in 2008, before 2013's Lanterns featured songs that were later covered by Lorde and sampled by Fall Out Boy. The first Lott-Bhatia-Chang collaboration, 2015's Bones, marked the project's debut in the Top Ten of Billboard's dance/electronic albums chart. Son Lux's sixth album overall was the three-part concept record Tomorrows, the third installment of which arrived in 2021.

    New York, NY

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