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Born in Paris, France in 1963, Spanish jazz-pop singer and composer Sole (Soledad) Giménez began performing in the trio Presuntos Implicados with her brother, guitarist Juan Luis Giménez, in their native town of Yecla (Murcia), Spain in 1983. The trio originally also included the siblings' friend Pablo Gómez, who was replaced by bassist/guitarist Javier Vela in 1985. In the year of their founding, Presuntos Implicados won a radio competition for their rendition of the song "Miss Circuito," and RCA issued their first album, 1984's Danzad Danzad Malditos, which earned the group a sizable following thanks to heavy airplay. De Sol a Sol (1987) paved the way for a groundswell in popularity, ultimately resulting in a major contract for Presuntos Implicados. After Javier Vela was replaced by new trio member Nacho Mañó, the trio's third record, Alma de Blues, was released by Warner in 1989. The album generated hits such as "Me Das el Mar" and "Cada Historia," which were put on heavy rotation on radio stations throughout Spain. The group's career and discography flourished throughout the '90s. Ser de Agua (1991), El Pan y la Sal (1994), La Noche (1996), Siete (1997), and Versión Original (1999) all served to spread Presuntos Implicados' music and fame throughout Spain and Latin America.
In 2004 Sole Giménez stepped away from the trio to release her first solo album, Ojalá. Two years later she announced her departure from Presuntos Implicados, and embarked on a solo career. Her sophomore album, 2008's La Felicidad, rose to number 15 on the Spanish pop charts, demonstrating her own ability to achieve success as a Latin jazz-pop artist in Spain's music marketplace. She interpreted the songs of various Latin American composers on her third outing, 2009's Dos Gardenias, and shifted her focus to Spanish composers on 2010's Pequeñas Cosas, imbuing songs by the likes of Joan Manuel Serrat (who appears on the title track), Joaquín Sabina, Alejandro Sanz, Kiko Veneno, Jeanette, and Chambao with her inimitable Latin jazz stylings. Giménez also composed a pair of songs on the album herself. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

    Paris, France
  • BORN
    February 27, 1963