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Snow Ghosts

Snow Ghosts

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Formed by Ross Tones and Hannah Cartwright and named after the pair's alter egos Throwing Snow and Augustus Ghost, Snow Ghost were brought together after singer/songwriter Cartwright moved to the U.K. in 2008. With Tones active with his Left Blank label, and with Throwing Snow taking precedent, the duo released their first collaboration in 2011. The Lost at Sea EP brought together Tones' industrial-infused electronica with Cartwright's classic English folk-style vocals. While continuing with their own solo projects and with Tones supporting Bonobo and Atoms for Peace on tour, the pair slowly put together their debut album. Signing to Houndstooth in 2013, Snow Ghosts released A Small Murmuration later that year. It blended dark, brooding electronica and pagan-influenced folk. ~ Rich Wilson


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