About Smurphy

Mexico City-based musician Smurphy (alternately known as Jessica Smurphy or DJ Smurphy) creates abstract, dubby electronic music with dreamy vocals. Her songs sometimes recall the hazy, lo-fi dance tracks by Not Not Fun artists such as Maria Minerva and LA Vampires, but with more uptempo rhythms, often incorporating elements of juke, Latin and Middle Eastern influences, and cartoon music. During 2011-2012, Smurphy referred to her style as "troll house," blending uptempo shamanistic trance music with chopped & screwed (and sometimes shredded) textures. In 2013 she rechristened her style with the release of her EP Smurphwave. Mixtape #GEMINISS appeared in 2014, followed by the equally Zodiac-inspired full-length A Shapeless Pool of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended in the Darkness, released by L.A.-based Leaving Records in 2015.