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Smith & Burrows, a collaboration between Tom Smith from Editors and the ex-Razorlight and We Are Scientists drummer Andy Burrows, came to fruition after numerous house sessions between the two friends.
What began as a holiday-themed lark eventually blossomed into a full-blown project and, by 2011, the pair had constructed an eclectic collection of Christmas songs, both traditional and original, that played against the season's predictable yuletide spirit by introducing a little darkness into the mix. The resulting Funny Looking Angels, which included a guest vocal from Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel, arrived in November 2011.
Over the course of the next decade, Smith returned to Editors, continuing to front the band for three additional studio albums up to 2018's Violence, and beyond. In the same period, Burrows took a more varied path and -- alongside the release of three solo albums -- he co-wrote and performed music for the 2012 animation The Snowman and The Snowdog, as well as working on the soundtracks for Ricky Gervais' David Brent: Life on the Road and After Life. Then, following Burrows' collaborations with singer/songwriter Tom Odell and author Matt Haig, Smith & Burrows reconvened. The June 2020 single, "All the Best Moves," was the first song issued by the duo in almost nine years. There was a carefree, upbeat tone to the new material -- not always apparent in their other projects -- as evidenced on the subsequent singles "Old TV Shows" and the homage to a North London vantage point, "Parliament Hill." All three tracks appeared on a second album, February 2021's Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough. ~ James Christopher Monger & James Wilkinson

    London, England

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