Sister Machine Gun

About Sister Machine Gun

Before he began recording for the industrial label Wax Trax! as Sister Machine Gun, Chris Randall worked in the company's mail room and as a roadie for Wax Trax!'s most popular band, KMFDM. By 1990 he had recorded a demo, which attracted the attention of KMFDM and earned Randall a chance to play some live shows. After the tour went well, Randall recorded an album with Chris Kelly (formerly of Virus 23) and released Sins of the Flesh in 1993. Sister Machine Gun's second album, Torture Technique, followed a year later, after which Kelly left the band. Randall began working with guitarist Xmas and recorded 1995's Burn with the help of producer John Fryer, who had previously worked with Trent Reznor on Nine Inch Nails' breakthrough LP, Pretty Hate Machine. In the summer of 1997, Sister Machine Gun returned with Metropolis, following that album with 1999's [R]evolution. 6.0 surfaced in spring 2001. ~ John Bush

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