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Siavash Ghomayshi was born in 1945 in Ahvaz, Iran. His passion for music led him to leave Iran in the age of 11 and begin his musical education at the Royal Society of Arts in London, where he majored in jazz. He worked with some U.K. bands such as Rebels and Insects as a pianist and singer. When he returned to Iran at the age of 25, he started his career mainly as a composer. Ghomayshi has written pieces for several Iranian singers like Zia, Betty, and Ebi. Although initially considered a composer, in the latter years of the Pahlavi regime (before the 1979 Islamic Revolution) he released his first album, and has since continued his work as a singer, composer, arranger, and lyricist. Ghomayshi wrote his first song, called "Boatman," for Zia when he was just 14. In 1972 he released his first album, Farangis, in Iran. He lived in Iran until the age of 34 and then -- given the uncertain status of those involved in the music business following the Islamic Revolution -- he decided to leave the country once again to pursue his career, and this time his destination was the United States. In his 25 years living in Los Angeles, Ghomayshi wrote and recorded all of the songs included on 11 solo albums. Released in 2007, Sunset to Sunshine consists of remixes he has completed for some of his previous material.
In recent years Ghomayshi has explored electronic music as well, and while such experimentation has introduced new elements into his music, the results undeniably retain elements of his unique sound. Among the 14 albums Ghomayshi has recorded to date, 2005's Roozhaye BeeKhatereh (Days of No Memory), 2003's Bee Sarzamin Tar az Baad (Landless Like the Wind), 1995's Ghesseye Gol va Tagarg (The Story of Flower and the Hailstorm), and 1993's Taak (The Vine) have been among his most successful. Although his albums may be considered largely nonpolitical, he nonetheless expresses a longing for his home country, which he initially left at a very young age. Ghomayshi has also had significant involvement in albums released by various musical compatriots, especially Ebi's Stars and Night of Morning Glory, which attracted considerable attention. Although Ghomayshi's voice might not be considered powerful in the classic sense, his warmth is engaging and his songs are very intimate. His music can be considered as Persian-language pop/rock, in contrast to the vocal stylings most often associated with adult contemporary singers. Now in his sixties, Siavash Ghomayshi lives in Germany. ~ Pouya Partovi

    Ahvaz, Iran
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