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Based out of the San Francisco area, Short Fuse were formed early in 2005 by vocalist Myke DiBattista, keyboardist Martin Boynton, and bassist Tony Eakes, who had been playing together in an already successful band but broke away to follow their own path, which ended up being a mixture of melodic death metal rhythms with electronica atmospherics and hard rock and rap attitude. Guitarists Scott Chavez and Anthony Flick were added, songs were passionately and quickly written, and the band began recording with producer Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios in Pachero, California, while select tracks were engineered by Roman Marisak at his Los Angeles studio. The resulting self-released debut, Hate Brought to This Place Called Home, appeared later in the year. A second album, Shred the Dead, produced by Sleiz E Smith and again recorded at Trident with Urteaga, was released in 2010, this time featuring new drummer Ricardo Alvarez. ~ Steve Leggett

San Francisco, CA, United States of America