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Comprised of virtuosic sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva, and Liza Holbrook, Colorado-based indie folk quartet SHEL (an acronym of their first names) cast a unique spell, weaving together folk, rock, Celtic, pop, and just about anything else from their kitchen sink of influences. Their creative talents were nurtured from a young age by their mother, an artist, and father, singer/songwriter Andrew Holbrook. Prior to branching out on their own in 2005, the sisters were part of a family band with their father. Though each sister is a consummate multi-instrumentalist, their primary setup is focused around Sarah on violin, Hannah on keyboards, Eva on mandolin, and Liza on drums. Eva serves as the lead vocalist, though group harmony is a major part of their sound. A handful for independent EPs were released in the late-2000s as they gigged the folk festival circuit and honed their sound. A 2010 deal with Republic Nashville promised greater exposure, but SHEL found themselves chafing within the confines of the music industry establishment and nothing from that period was ever released. Independent once again, they issued their self-titled debut LP in 2012. From that release, several of SHEL's songs found their way onto network TV via placements on the ABC shows On the Rise and The Fosters as well as some major commercials. In addition to pooling their musical talents, the members of SHEL each handle different aspects of the band's business, from fashion to graphics to self-directing all of their own videos. Their independent spirit served them well, though they were not above recruiting outside help. Collaborating with legendary producer Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), they traveled to Nashville to record their follow-up album, Just Crazy Enough, which was released in 2016. ~ Timothy Monger

Fort Collins, CO, United States of America