About Shakra

A Switzerland-based hard rock act formed in 1997, Shakra went through a number of lineup changes (including a vocalist change when the bands' momentum was just gaining attention) but managed to persevere and keep going for over two decades. Their first album, 1998's Shakra, and its follow-up, 1999's Moving Force, were strong enough to earn them support slots touring with bands like Great White and Uriah Heep. Real progress was being made with their third album, Power Ride (2001), but unfortunately a health situation forced the departure of vocalist Pete Wiedmer. Mark Fox stepped in to fill the frontman role, and the band recorded and released Rising in 2003. The band was a hit on German and Swiss charts, and toured extensively in support of their work. After many live shows and tours with Hammerfall and Stratovarius, Shakra released Infected in 2007, followed by Everest in 2009, and Back on Track in 2011. Powerplay arrived in 2013, with High Noon and Snakes & Ladders dropping in 2016 and 2017, respectively. ~ Chris True

    Bern, Switzerland
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