About SF9

The genre-hopping K-pop group SF9 is a performance-focused boy band whose name—Sensational Feeling 9—is meant to represent the nine unique sensations each of its members bring.

• The nine members of SF9 initially competed in a singing-competition reality show called D.O.B (Dance or Band), where they competed against a four-member band to see who would debut in the K-pop market first.
• All nine members have gained notoriety outside the group in fields such as producing, hosting and acting
• Thanks to their roles on popular Korean TV dramas, SF9 members Rowon and Chani were especially helpful in raising the group’s profile.
• SF9's breakout moment came via their full-length debut, 2020's First Collection. The album’s lead single, "Good Guy", saw the band embrace a slick, mature, gentleman-like look. It earned SF9 their first No. 1 on the Korean charts.

    Seoul, South Korea

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