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About Seotaiji

A hugely successful South Korean pop-star, Seo Tai-Ji (aka Jeong Hyeon-Cheol, born February 21, 1972) joined his first band, Sinawe, in 1990, aged 17. A year later, Seo was on his own, and he formed his next band, Seo Tai-Ji & Boys. Over the course of their four studio albums (and two live ones to boot) in five years, Seo Tai-Ji & Boys changed their sound from a dance oriented pop group to that of a (rather controversial) rock and metal act. The transition over the four records was bolstered sales-wise by the anti-establishment attitude of the lyrics. In 1996, Seo Tai-Ji & Boys called it a day, and after a few years laying low and weighing his options Seo returned to dominate the K-Rock scene on his own. 1998 marked the debut of his solo album, Seo Tai-Ji. A huge seller, it announced Seo's return to the pinnacle of the South Korean pop world, and was followed up with the equally successful follow up, Ultramania. 2002 saw the re-release of Ultramania, and 2004 saw the release of 7th Issue. A deluxe collection of his entire catalog was planned for release in 2007, just ahead of a planned release for album number eight in 2008. ~ Chris True

South Korea
Feb 21, 1972