Seiko Oomori
Seiko Oomori

Seiko Oomori

About Seiko Oomori

Singer-songwriter Seiko Oomori is one of Japanese pop music’s most intriguing voices, a genre-hopping iconoclast who tops the charts while subverting the mainstream.

∙ Coming up on the Japanese indie circuit, she built a following at the famed Tokyo experimental music den Muryoku Muzenji and fronted a band called Seiko Oomori & The Pink Tokarev.
∙ Oomori’s major-label debut single, “Kyuru Kyuru,” arrived in 2014 and hit No. 20 on the Japanese charts.
Kusokawa Party, from 2018, was her first album to crack the Japanese Top 10.
∙ In 2018, she formed her own idol group, ZOC (short for “Zone Of Control”), in which she serves as both a member and producer.
∙ She has contributed music to numerous Japanese TV series, most notably the anime Black Clover, which used her 2019 song “JUSTadICE” as its opening theme.

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