About Seekae

Australian electronic trio Seekae blended pop with ambient music and frenetic, synthesizer-driven IDM, toeing the line between chaos and melody.

• Alex Cameron and high school friend John Hassel were playing together in an indie-rock band when Cameron reconnected with his primary school buddy George Nicholas. The three electronic music fans soon began jamming on samplers and keyboards.
• After two years of noisy experimentation, they made Seekae official by booking some gigs and self-releasing their 2008 debut album, The Sound of Trees Falling on People.
• Seekae’s sophomore LP, 2011’s +Dome, arrived on the Aussie indie label Rice is Nice.
• Their third album, 2014’s The Worry, features vocals by Cameron. This was an attempt to create a sense of storytelling and “eliminate any ambiguity” that comes with instrumental tracks.
• In 2016, Seekae broke up to pursue other projects. Cameron has enjoyed a successful solo career since 2013.

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