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Secret & Whisper

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The result of the departure of vocalist Chris Stickney from long running Canadian band Stutterfly, Secret and Whisper was the result of the remainder of Stutterfly's demo-ing experiment with former vocalist for fellow Canadians the Bleeding Alarm, Charles Furney. The marked difference in the sound of this new presence led to the abandonment of the old name, and in February of 2007, Secret and Whisper was born. Bradyn Byron (guitar), Jordan Chase (bass), Jason Ciolli (drums), and the aforementioned Furney were pleased with the results of the demo, titled Vanishings, and proceeded to record their debut album, Great White Whale, which was released in 2008. The band followed up in 2010 with Teenage Fantasy, released on Tooth & Nail. ~ Chris True

    Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
    February, 2007

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