Secret Pyramid

About Secret Pyramid

Vancouver-based composer Amir Abbey records dark, eerie minimalist drone as Secret Pyramid, utilizing tape loops, field recordings, and guitars, as well as the elusive Ondes Martenot. Reminiscent of space rock groups like Windy & Carl as well as Popol Vuh's soundtrack work, Abbey's recordings seem immensely melancholy and lonely, yet also soothing and comforting, achieving a singular balance between the alien and the familiar. Born in Iran but living in Canada since childhood, Abbey began releasing shoegaze-influenced drone music around 2010. After a few CD-R and cassette releases began to attract attention from the underground experimental music scene, Students of Decay released Secret Pyramid's Movements of Night in 2013. This was followed in 2014 by a vinyl reissue of The Silent March (previously issued as a cassette in 2011), as well as a double CD containing both albums. Following a few more limited cassettes, Two Shadows Collide was released by Ba Da Bing in 2017. ~ Paul Simpson