Seckond Chaynce
Seckond Chaynce

Seckond Chaynce

About Seckond Chaynce

Seckond Chaynce is more than just a stage name for this Jacksonville rapper. He sold drugs and dropped out of high school before following his passion for music.

• The singer, rapper, and songwriter blends elements of hip-hop, rock, country, and R&B—plus a heavy dose of faith in God—to create a unique musical cocktail.
• His years of grinding paid off with the release of his 2017 country love ballad “Head Over Heels.” The music video has garnered more than 36 million views.
• Seckond Chaynce’s 2018 No Room to Breathe project features an assist from speedy Chicago rapper Twista.
• Outside of music, he reaches at-risk youth via mentorship and speaking engagements.

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