About ScrewFace

The Miami rap performer who calls himself Screwface, a creator of funny little rhyming couplets ever since he was in grade school, should not be confused with at least three indie rock bands that have used the same ugly, threatening, and creepy-sounding combo name inspired by a Bob Marley song. "Screwface" is actually the secondary source with the rapper Screwface, part of a close-knit family of artists producing works for the Iconz label. In interviews he says he chose the name after watching a Stephen Seagal film, Marked for Death -- the heinous villain in this action picture was named in honor of the Marley song, however.
The rapper may hint at similarities between the lifestyle of his youth and the Jamaican origin of the nickname, meaning a hoodlum who is really serious about his financial dealings. Screwface also comes off as something of a CEO type, calmly outlining a five-year plan in which his solo album goes platinum and he becomes a millionaire. Greatly assisting in this is the Iconz collective, the only label Screwface has been involved with at least in the first five years of his career and host to a variety of artists who have settled in Miami from locales including Haiti, Jamaica, New York, and California. Miami rap icons with cozy-sounding names such as Uncle Al and Uncle Luke were early boosters of Screwface, whose later production work includes the cute Irish boy band Mytown. ~ Eugene Chadbourne

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