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Named after the German poet Friedrich Schiller, production duo Schiller originally consisted of Mirko von Schlieffen and Christopher von Deylen. The two layered trance beats and spoken poetry, which resulted in a couple of trance chart-toppers in Europe in the late '90s and early 2000. Aside from the Schiller project, both von Schlieffen and von Deylen worked on outside projects. Zeitgeist marked the pair's debut in 1999 (the album was not released in the United States until 2001). The duo began experiencing creative differences during the making of 2001's Weltreise, and von Schlieffen left the project; von Deylen adopted the Schiller moniker as his own and continued the project as a solo endeavor. The first post-von Schlieffen Schiller album, Leben, was released in 2003, and it would be the first in a series of successful recordings for von Deylen. From 2004 through 2012, Schiller released five studio albums and three live sets in Europe; in the United States, four albums appeared during the same period. In 2013, Schiller rose to the top of the German chart with the album Opus, which also went Top Ten in Austria and Switzerland, while an American variant of the album was released as Sun. Cinematic album nine, Future, was inspired by time von Deylen spent in the Mojave desert. Issued in 2016, it instantly became the fifth Schiller album to top the German chart. ~ Diana Potts

Visselhövede, Lower Saxony, Germa

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