About Scatteredtrees

Indie rock outfit Scattered Trees make yearning, heartfelt music centered around lead singer/songwriter Nate Eiesland. The group initially formed in 2003 after Eiesland moved to Illinois from Minnesota and wrote a song a month, which culminated in the release of a 2004 debut, Hollohills. Eiesland eventually filled out the ensemble with bassist Ryne Estwing and guitarist Justin Eisenbraun and began work on new material. In the wake of the death of Eiesland's grandfather, Scattered Trees released their sophomore album, Song for My Grandfather, in 2006. The trio grew even further with the addition of drummer Baron Harper and Eiesland's wife, keyboardist Alissa Eiesland. In 2011, the newly minted quintet released its third studio album, Sympathy, featuring the singles "A Conversation About Death on New Year's Eve" and "Love and Leave," for which the bandmembers released a video in which they wore Star Wars stormtrooper uniforms. ~ Matt Collar

    Chicago, IL
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