Saul Simon MacWilliams - Top Songs

A Beautiful Time
I Know It's a Boy
The Free Spirit of Michel
While I Can
You're Much Too Beautiful to Be so Mean
A New Part of Life
Fathers and Sons
Voice to the Voiceless
The Coolest Thing We Could Do Together
The Best I Could Do
First Reaction
Colors in Motion
Finish Strong
Hello from Rivers
Not Giving Up
A Year Together
The Body (feat. Saul Simon MacWilliams)
What Really Matters
The Sound of Money
A Huge Awakening
Warren Soldiers On
No Finer Human
A Boy from Nebraska
Two Widows Embrace
Strong Men Break Strong Chains
That Dream Turned into a Nightmare
"I Love You" in Any Language
Redeeming the Soul of Our Nation
There Wasn't Any Other Way to Be
A Genius and His Pranks
While We Are Yet Sinners
Circle of Competence
Security Analysis
Love Is a Strange Thing