About Sarandon

Launched in 2003 by songwriter/graphic designer Simon Williams (aka Crayola), Sarandon combine post-punk songwriting with spastic instrumentation and bizarre lyrics. The London-based trio models its sound after Crayola's chief influences, from the Wolfhounds and bIG fLAME (whose vocalist, Alan Brown, joined Sarandon as a bassist in 2007) to June Brides, Wire, and Status Quo. The Miniest Album, a 7" record containing seven tracks, marked Sarandon's debut in September 2004. The band released three additional records over the next three years, as well as an extensive compilation of its work (The Completist's Library) and a three-track EP entitled Joe's Record. With Alan Brown and drummer Tom Greenhalgh now on board, Sarandon returned in 2008 with Kill Twee Pop!, the band's full-length debut.
Kill Twee Pop! was well-received, and Sarandon's reputation received another boost in 2009 when former Membranes vocalist John Robb featured the band in his book Death to Trad Rock. After releasing a split 7" single to celebrate the book's release, Sarandon began work on a second album, the conceptual Sarandon's Age of Reason, which appeared in early 2011. ~ Andrew Leahey

    London, England
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