About Santiano

A six-member ensemble, Germany's Santiano make a rootsy blend of sea shanties, European folk, schlager, and contemporary pop music. Taking its name from Hughes Aufray's 1961 single, Santiano was formed in 2011 by producer and Elephant Music owner Hartmut Krech. Included in the band are vocalist/guitarist Hans Hinrichsen Timm, vocalist/harmonica player Axel Stosberg, vocalist/guitarist Björn Both, vocalist/guitarist Andreas Fahnert, and violinist Pete Sage. Santiano released their debut album, Bis ans Ende der Welt, in 2012. Bis ans Ende der Welt became a commercial success, rising to number one on the German sales charts and going triple platinum. Santiano's second album, 2013's Mit den Gezeiten, also went to number one; a special expanded edition was issued in Switzerland, peaking at number ten on the Swiss charts.

    Flensburg, Germany

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