Salvatore Adamo
Salvatore Adamo

Salvatore Adamo

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Salvatore Adamo is one of the most commercially successful singers in Europe and one of the most famous Italian immigrants living in Belgium. Since his debut album, Vous Permettez Monsieur, transformed him into a celebrity, he has sold over eighty million copies of his albums worldwide. In the mid-'60s, Adamo reached his commercial peak, placing a number of songs at the top of the music charts including "Sans Toi Mamie" in 1963 and "Vous Permettez Monsieur," "Quand les Roses," and "Dolce Paola" in 1964. An adaptation of Adamo's "Les Filles Du Bord de Mer" was recorded by Arno in 1993 and sparked a renewed interest in his work. ~ Craig Harris

    Comiso, Sicily
  • BORN
    November 1, 1943

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