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Fusing delicate electronic atmospheres with the slow but hard-hitting beats of Southern hip-hop, Salem are pioneers of the style alternately called drag, witch house, or haunted house. Their first official release was the Yes I Smoke Crack EP, which arrived in 2008 via Acephale. This EP and the Water EP, which Merok released, cemented Salem's reputation as one of the underground’s fastest-rising acts. They were also one of the most prolific, issuing singles on Big Love and Audraglint, as well as a split single with Tanlines, several mixtapes, and remixes of Gucci Mane songs. The Frost single and the I Buried My Heart Inna Wounded Knee mixtape heralded the full-length debut King Night in 2010. ~ Heather Phares

Traverse City, MI, United States of America