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Firmly sitting at the pop end of the mid-'90s Brit-pop explosion, Salad's mix of rock guitars and pop sensibilities made them stand out from the rest of the scene that was dominated by the edgier sound of bands such as Elastica and Sleeper. After a few years of hits, the group disbanded, only to reunite in 2017 before going on to issue 2019's The Salad Way.
Formed in 1992 by MTV presenter and vocalist/keyboardist Marijne Van Der Vlugt, bassist Pete Brown, drummer Rob Wakeman, and guitarist Paul Kennedy, the four-piece self-released two singles -- Kent EP and Diminished Clothes -- in 1993, before being picked up by Island's indie offshoot Island Red. A slew of singles followed in the run-up to the release of their 1995 debut album, Drink Me. Peaking at number 15 in the U.K. albums chart, the record's truly indie pop sound fit perfectly into the Brit-pop scene that was dominating the U.K. charts at the time. The band's second album, Ice Cream, followed in 1997, but with the musical landscape changing and the sound of Brit-pop being overtaken by a new breed of guitar bands, Salad were eventually let go by Island, disbanding a year later.
Each member moved on to different projects, and it wasn't until 2016 that Van Der Vlugt and Kennedy reunited to perform under the name Salad Undressed. Originally a wholly acoustic affair, the duo were eventually joined by Donald Ross Skinner (Julian Cope, Prolapse) to record an album -- 2017's Good Love Bad Love -- of new and old material. A collection of previously unissued recordings also appeared that year in the form of Salad: The Lost Album, Vol. 1. The group announced a string of live dates and reunited with bassist Pete Brown and original live guitarist Charley Stone, bringing Salad back to a full band. At the end of 2018, Salad released their first single in some 21 years, The Selfishness of Love. They followed it up with their third proper full-length album, The Salad Way, in 2019. ~ Rich Wilson


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