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Emerging from California's Bay Area, rapper Sage the Gemini (born Dominic Wynn Woods) broke through with two viral party singles, "Gas Pedal" and "Red Nose." "Gas Pedal" landed first, with the audio being uploaded to video-sharing sites in 2012; the track combined Sage's restrained delivery with an infectious Ying Yang Twins hyphy-type hook. Even without the video, "Gas Pedal" ended the year with over three million views online, and an official video landed in 2013 along with another track, "Red Nose."
His debut album, Remember Me, followed in 2014 with guest shots from Iamsu!, Kool John, and others. He followed with a series of singles, including "Guantanamera" with Trey Songz and "Good Thing" with Nick Jonas. His 2016 hit single "Now and Later" entered the Billboard charts, went gold in the U.S., and was certified platinum in Canada and Australia. The single landed on his sophomore effort, Morse Code, which landed in 2017. In 2018, Sage issued a string of singles including "Pull Over" with Trina, "No Ex's" with 03 Greedo, and "Buss It" with Chris Brown. ~ David Jeffries

    San Francisco, CA
  • BORN
    June 20, 1992