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The son of actor Selar Sabu, vocalist and guitarist Paul Sabu (b. Burbank, California, USA) has carved out a successful career as a songwriter, producer/engineer and guitarist for a variety of major acts. He has also contributed to numerous film soundtracks, but his solo projects have been dogged by bad luck. The Sabu band, featuring bass player Rick Bozzo and drummer Dan Holmes, found some success with their soulful hard rock debut, but the album made no impression in America because Sabu also released a disco album at the same time on the Ocean label. Sabu turned to studio work, putting his band on ice until Motown subsidiary Morocco offered him a contract. As Kidd Glove, the band adopted a harder style, showcasing Sabus vocals (reminiscent of a smokier Sammy Hagar) and guitar work. However, the album did not take off, and when Morocco folded the band followed. Sabu was joined by Bozzo, Dan Ellis (keyboards) and Charles Esposito (drums) for the critically acclaimed Heartbreak, which did well until the label went into liquidation, and Sabu supported himself with an Arista songwriting contract while he put together his next project, Only Child. Sabu finally released a new solo album after a decades wait in 1995, collaborating with ex-Baton Rouge guitarist Lance Boulen among others. The record was credited to Paul Sabu, and reawakened interest in an artist considered by many to be a unique guitar talent.