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Sabrina Carpenter

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While it can be a big challenge for a young performer to transition from teen-TV stardom to success in the music world, Sabrina Carpenter’s made it look easy. It helps that Carpenter—born in 1999 in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania—has pursued both sides of her career in tandem, releasing her first music before she became a regular presence on the Disney Channel thanks to her roles in Girl Meets World and Adventures in Babysitting. (She also made her Broadway debut in 2020 in the musical Mean Girls—how’s that for multitasking?) On her first two albums—2015’s Eyes Wide Open and 2016’s EVOLution—Carpenter set herself apart from her teenage peers with her deft delivery and her eagerness to embrace a wide array of dance-music styles. Elements of trap and house help energize two hits that topped Billboard’s dance-music chart in 2019: “Sue Me,” a cheeky kiss-off partially inspired by a lawsuit by two of her former managers, and “Almost Love,” a thrilling club track Carpenter co-wrote with the Stargate production team. A two-part album that dropped in 2018 and 2019, Singular Act I and Singular Act II provided more proof of Carpenter’s fast-developing abilities as a singer and songwriter who’s moved past any of the teen-star stereotypes to become a full-fledged club diva.

    Lehigh Valley, PA
  • BORN
    May 11, 1999

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