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About Rusty Crutcher

A former Los Angeles saxophone studio musician, Crutcher performed with pop stars like Lionel Richie and the Commodores before moving to Santa Fe, NM, and developing his own introspective style of music. Crutcher's main body of work falls under his Sacred Sites series, a set of concept albums that convey his musical impressions of mystical locations. As part of the compositional process, Crutcher visits these ancient areas to record environmental sounds that he weaves into his multi-instrumental and synthesized soundscapes. Location/album titles of the Sacred Site series include Machu Picchu Impressions, Chaco Canyon, Ocean Eclipse, (recorded at a Mexican eclipse), and Serpent Mound (recorded at the first century B.C. Adena Indian animal effigy in Adams County, Ohio). ~ Linda Kohanov

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