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Russell Watson

Russell Watson

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An English tenor known for his covers of both pop and opera favorites, Russell Watson has been nicknamed "the People's Tenor" for his background as a singer in pubs and working men's clubs. After being urged to try his hand at opera arias due to his expressive voice and wide range, he eventually released his debut, The Voice, in 2000. A regular fixture on the U.K. album chart from that point on, he often combines classical pieces, rock-era hits, show tunes, and traditional pop on his releases. His fifth album, 2007's That's Life, concentrated on traditional and contemporary pop, while 2010's La Voce favored Italian-language arias and songs. Watson's 12th studio album, 2018's In Harmony, was recorded with Aled Jones. A companion album, Back in Harmony, followed in November 2019.

    Salford, Lancashire, England
  • BORN
    November 23, 1966

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