Russ Franzen - Top Songs

Summertime In Michigan
The Sentinel By the Bay (Toledo Harbor Lighthouse)
The Indians' Great Season
Fishing for Walleye
The St. Clair Rescue
Great Lakes Waters
Roche de Boeuf
Miami and Erie Canal
The Light on the South Haven Pier
The Marblehead Light
Tiger Stadium's Lament
The Railroad Engineer
A Man In the Know
The City of Toledo
A Laker's Life
Lighthouse Christmas
Lighthouse Christmas
The Col James M Schoonmaker
The Great Black Swamp
A Great Lakes Prayer
The Joseph S. Fay
The Tawas Point Light
The Bell of the Bradley
A Team All Our Own (Baseball In Teledo)
The Keeper's Wife
The Ghost of Old Presque Isle
The Lighthouse Keeper
The Keeper of the Light
The Woman of the Bright Foam
The LR Doty
The Toledo Express
The Ballpark of My Youth
The Griffin
St. Helena Lighthouse
Sally and Molly
McGulpin Point Light
Tragedy and Triumph
The SS South American
Captain Rogers
The Ballad of Newton Edwards
The Miami and Erie Canal
Old Mission Point Light
Crisp Point Lighthouse
Capt. Bundy's Gospel Prayer
Message In a Bottle
Life On the Ann Arbor Trail
The Navvies on the Canal
The Park At the Corner
The Round Island Light