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About Rough Cutt

Heavy metal outfit Rough Cutt formed in Los Angeles in late 1981. Originally dubbed Magic, the founding lineup featured frontman Paul Shortino, guitarist Jake E. Lee, keyboardist Claude Schnell, bassist Joey Christofanilli, and drummer David Alford. When Schnell exited in the fall of 1982 to join Dio, the group renamed itself Rough Cutt, dropping Christofanilli and adding guitarist Chris Hagar and bassist Matt Thorr, with whom Lee previously collaborated in an early incarnation of hair metal hitmakers Ratt. Weeks later Lee resigned from Rough Cutt to back Ozzy Osbourne, and after adding guitarist Craig Goldie, the quintet produced its first demo tape under the auspices of producer Ronnie James Dio. Prior to signing to Warner Bros., Goldie jumped ship to Dio's band as well, and new guitarist Amir Derakh signed on for Rough Cutt's self-titled 1985 debut. After issuing Wants You! the following year, Rough Cutt split when Shortino left the lineup to replace Kevin DuBrow in Quiet Riot; the posthumous Rough Cutt Live followed in 1995. While Derakh later resurfaced in the alt-metal act Orgy, in 2000 Shortino assembled a new incarnation of Rough Cutt with guitarist Jimmy Crespo, bassist Sean McNabb, keyboardist J.T. Garrett, and drummer John Homan. By the release of their 2002 LP Sacred Place, the group was officially renamed Paul Shortino's The Cutt. ~ Jason Ankeny

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